Afterglow – The New York Comic Con After-post Spectacular

It’s been two weeks, and I think I finally recovered from New York Comic Con.  For those who don’t know, New York Comic Con is a four day long event that takes over at the Jacob Javitz convention center in New York City.  It is second only to San Diego Comic Con in both size and scope, and for those pop culture fans, it’s like a 4 day long costume party with celebs and awesomeness all over the place.

For those who are wondering how I got my four day pass, you can get the details from my personal blog

For those who follow us on social media, you got all the goodies from my romp, including…

My experience being swarmed by a sea of Deadpool.

Being saved by Batman Beyond

Got to meet hip hop music legend Pete Rock.

Learned that time lords scoff at the space/time continuum.

Storm troopers like to be cuddled.

My childhood movies never died, they just moved over to comiccon.

…as well as their actors (Karate Kid 30th Anniversary Panel)

And the Tardis has wheels.

I learned lines for panels are ridiculously long.

Smog is ALWAYS watching.

And Orlando Jones is our new hero. (from the Sleepy Hallow panel)

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And here’s a parting gift.

See you soon!

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