We Have A Bad Ass Notion

Once upon a time there were two extraordinary people who lived in a land that was flanked by hipsters and hybrids.  Their credo was “do what you love, ask questions later”.  Because of this, they both led what turned out to be unusually fantastic lives in the fringes of fame.

In their land of royals, linked to a King that had no throne, living upon a land of Queens with no heir, they worked for the voices of both the urban and cultured generation on a land of many hat men, catering to the digital soap boxes of the many, the new stages of the young, and the new moving images of this century.

Through the lifeblood of this land’s consciousness, riding upon silver rails and electrified sonic lines, these two would become a brother and sister team, taunted as yellow and brown, not overly seasoned or under seasoned, they will bring their version of mass invasion to the world, no longer hidden in the shadows of the platforms blueprinted by archaic hierarchies, but by the tools that have shaped the last two decades left in their grasp.

They’ve been silently in the background, biding their time.

You have now been officially warned.


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