Barry Allen Takes the Spotlight – The Flash (Television Series)

Ever since New York Comic Con, we here at The Mass Invasion have been on a pop culture tear.  Pedro started diving into DC comics, and outside of getting two wigs for myself, I started diving into the new season of DC Comics shows including season 3 of Arrow, the new show Gotham which focuses on that fictional city pre-Batman, and the resurrection of the 1990 show The Flash, starring Grant Gustin as “Barry Allen”.  If you haven’t seen it, I’d suggest you head over to Hulu right now.

What initially intrigued me was the casting of this show, namely three of these interesting choices:

Jesse Martin Interview (The Flash)
Jesse L. Martin – Best known as Detective Ed Green on Law & Order (and for you Broadway junkies, as the original Tom Collins in the musical Rent).   Tom Cavanagh Interview (The Flash)Tom Cavanagh – Better known for his starring role in NBC’s Ed and more recently for reoccurring roles in the show Scrubs as “Dan Dorian” and as “Jack O’Malley” in Royal Pains.

Relationships in the Flash (IGN @ Comic-Con)
And last, but not least, John Wesley Shipp who starred in the 1990 version of the series is now playing “Henry Allen”, father of the main character. Can we say “nod to the past”? Unlike the comic book character, this incarnation of Barry Allen is more geek than girl crazy and thus far more mental than physical.  He’s still a genius, still a crime scene investigator and it looks as if they’re trying to hold true to as much of the original Barry Allen storyline as possible.  So far CW has the production team shooting a full season and the glory of it all is that it ties directly into the show Arrow, which is where they first introduced The Flash. Will the show hold up?  Thus far it definitely looks intriguing. If you haven’t caught it yet, check out the pilot here!
Pilot (The Flash)

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