Small Bites: Urban Spaces NYC – Firebelly Korean Barbecue

IMG_9469.JPGOne of the best things about New York City in Spring/Summer are the street fairs and food festivals.  UrbanSpaceNYC offers a seasonal semi-permanent brick and mortar location to restaurants looking to open up an off site annex and for catering companies looking to gear up interest in their wares.

One of those catering companies is Firebelly Korean Barbecue.  Currently residing at UrbanSpaceNYC’s Garment District location, Firebelly is located on Broadway between 40th and 41st street.

IMG_9471.JPGVery much like Taco Domo or Korilla Barbecue, Firebelly is a Korean fusion restaurant, offers tacos, burritos, bibimbap, and Korean style chicken wings on their menu.  Their protein is all done in the Korean style, while their presentation is on the Mexican side.

Today I ordered their spicy wings (under the cashier’s suggestion) and their bulgogi bibimbap.

IMG_9478.JPGIn respect to their chicken, I was not a fan of the batter.  There was a gritty residue after you swallowed it.  The chicken itself was cooked perfectly and was juicy, but wasn’t marinated, so there wasn’t much flavor without the sauce.  As for the sauce, it was tasty, but not really something to write home about.  Would have liked it more if it was a bit more savory or if it offered something more than just heat.

IMG_9480.JPGAs for the bibimbap, unfortunately the rice was underdone, so I was spitting out under cooked rice kernels every so often.  The beef was also a bit tough.  The sauce, which I would assume was the same as the wings sauce masked everything, so I couldn’t really tell if the meat was marinated or not.  The side of kimchi could have been part of the issue as well.

Not going to lie, the workers were really nice, but the food wasn’t enough to have me come back.

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