Captain America: Civil War – What They’re Not Talking About

civilwarSpoiler Alert:  What you’re about to read may contain spoilers of the “Captain America: Civil War” film.  If you choose not to have these plot points revealed, please read this post after you’ve watched the film. If you don’t care, or have read the comic book already, then let us know what you think. Thank you.

I’m going to speak about the elephant in the room, since it doesn’t seem like anyone has made comment yet, or it hasn’t been loud enough.


For those who never read the comic and continued to read beyond the spoiler alert, the whole premise of Civil War was based on the mutant registration act.  For those who remember the X-Men cartoon of the 90’s, they even added this huge plot line that divided the entire Marvel Comics universe.  On one side was Captain America and the other Iron Man.  The current trailers for the upcoming film makes it seem like the divide was based off of Steve Roger’s loyalty to his childhood friend Bucky (aka Winter Soldier), but in the original comic, the divide was based on whether mutants needed to register their powers with the government, in the same way child molesters need to register with the state.  Cap lead the group against the registration act while Tony Stark sided with the government.  Although different Marvel franchises are owned by various companies, Fantastic Four owned a huge portion of the story line, since it was the beat down of Johnny Storm that started this huge rift between inhuman and human, and this debate the cause a major breakup between Sue Storm and Reed Richards.

As for you Spider Man fans, we know you were happy as a clam when you saw the latest trailer when Spidey made his appearance, however, were you happy that he finally made the trailer or were you happy that he’s in this film, which potentially means he’s going to get beaten down within an inch of his life, as he did in this series?  Yes, Spider Man is close to knocking on heaven’s door in this story.  Not sure how many fans are going to appreciate that, if Disney decides to green light that huge story shift.

The question remains, will the mutant registration act be part of the story line?  So far it doesn’t look that way, however, what was hinted in the trailers was that Bucky Barnes would take up the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers, which will likely piss off a lot of non-comic book fans.

Yeah, we’re sorry we’re not sorry.

Hate us all you want for spoiling it for you, but we did warn you in the beginning.

Check out the 2nd trailer for Captain America: Civil War below.

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