Constantine, Oh Constantine, Wherefore Art Thou


We apologize to you hardcore Hellblazer fans, this is not about the DC Comic, but about the NBC show based on the comic.

Constantine follows the exploits of chain-smoking, cranky British occult detective/demon hunter/warlock John Constantine, played by Matt Ryan (better known as the voice of Edward Kenway, from “Assassin’s Creed – Black Flag“). He’s assisted by his partners, psychic and artist Zed Martin, played by Angelica Celaya, the man that can’t die and his oldest friend Francis Chandler, better known as Chas, played by Charles Halford, and the angel assigned to him, Manny, played by Harold Perrineau (who sports eye contacts straight out of Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” series).

The show was greeting with much delight by fans of the comic book series, as seen in the clip above.  Although Constantine is part of the DC universe, it’s not associated with any of the other well known franchises like Batman, Superman, or the new rising stars Arrow or The Flash. Constantine is part of the Vertigo line-up, which was DC’s response to the popularity of Dark Horse Comics (Tank Girl, Hellboy, Sin City), Marvel’s dark titles (Ghost Rider, Blade), and Image Comics brands (Witchblade, Savage Dragon, and Spawn).

If you’ve been hearing the overarching hushes about NBC’s plans to shut down Constantine, we hate to inform you, but it’s not rumor, but it may be old news. The show, which has generally positive ratings (91% audience score averaging 4.5 out of 5 on Rotten Tomatoes), didn’t show up on NBC’s upcoming lineup for their 2015 season. This is what we know.

During last week, there were rumors going around that the reason why Constantine stopped production was because NBC was going to port the show over to Syfy (owned by NBC Universal), however that has proven to be false.   The story goes the show will possibly have a limited run, returning in the Fall (sorry fans), swapping out with Hannibal for the pre-Grimm time slot.

As for the show, it’s reminiscent of walking through a carnival haunted house once a week.  There’s a good amount of creepy and lava floor/don’t look under your bed scary with a few series long story lines that make it interesting.  Truth be told, the series finale did do the one thing good shows are supposed to do, leave you on a cliffhanger, hating that it’ll be another season before it arrives.

Curious about what I mean?  Currently episodes 9-13 are available on Hulu, but if you want to go straight to dessert, you can watch the season finale below.

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