Curated Boxes: The Unboxing

As many of you may have seen, there are a mess of subscriber based, curated boxes available on sale. Whether it be for your pet, your beauty needs, your geek needs, or your snacking needs, there are several out there to suit your whims.

Because we love geek stuff, we ordered two boxes.  One was a one off available from and the other was from a popular service called “NerdBlock“.

These were our findings.

What we got from Woot!

What we got from NerdBlock.

There are additional services out there like LootCrate, Hero Crate, Monthly Magic Box (for you Magic: The Gathering fans),  MGG (My Geek Goodies), Infinity Crates (UK), Geek Fuel, Power Up Box, 1Up Box, and Geek Me Box that specializes in geek culture.  Marvel Comics have their own called Collector Corps, Wizard World have their own ComicCon Box, there’s one specifically for pokemon fans, or Anime Bento and Kawaii Box for the ridiculously cute, if you’re into that.

Prices for these generally range between $10 per month to about $50, depending on how often they ship out, and for the most part, contain a tshirt.  In some cases, you can purchase one off boxes.

The items per box are total generally worth a combined total more than the purchase price of the box.  The problem is, sometimes the items aren’t all stuff that you want, or would have gotten, however there will be at least one or two items that would make the box worth it.  If you’ve been curious about getting involved,  but a bit gun shy, you can always look up YouTube for unboxing videos to show you previous monthly boxes opened by real customers, so as to alleviate your fears.

And if you’ve never heard of unboxing, note that a woman who would unbox Disney toys on camera made more than $4.9 million on YouTube last year and became the highest YouTube earner of 2014.

You can’t make this stuff up.

So subscribe and enjoy!

…by the way, anyone want a Mr. Bean figurine?

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