Deadpool is Not for Kids

12733580_10204243036395687_8150215130242585061_nBefore I begin, I want to applaud Ryan Reynolds and his crew for creating an awesome movie.

I would also like to applaud the true Deadpool fans, who strenuously promoted this film as “not kid friendly”.

Now with that out of the way, I’d like to address the ignorant public that felt the need to bring their small children and under to this rated R film.


You are idiots.

Did you bother looking at the trailer?  Massive gun violence, impaling, adult language, sex, nudity… for the love of God, it was all over the trailers!

Yes, we understand it’s a comic book character, but as proven in some Daredevil and Jessica Jones episodes, there will be explicit violence and sex.  For God sakes, it’s a rated R film! Comic books do not equate to “for children” just as some types are cartoons are strictly for adults. (NSFW: If you don’t know what “Hentai” is, look it up, but without children around)


So leave the children at home, bring your friends and significant others, and enjoy the film.

And if you want your kids to eventually enjoy it, wait until they’re at least 18, and then pop the BluRay in.

One more thing, since it’s been announced that Fox has already green lit a Deadpool movie sequel, we ask you parents again, learn from your past mistakes, and…


Thanks, and have a pleasant day.

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