Disney, known as the “happiest place on earth”, home of the Mouse, laid out their plan for cinematic global domination for 2016-2017 during D23 this year, and Pedro and Janifer had to put their two cents in.

In this episode of the podcast, the TMI’s dynamic duo (not to be confused with Gotham’s dynamic duo – Bruce Wayne doesn’t have copyright, so quit stalking us!) discuss movies and focus on many of the the animated-to-live-action conversions and remakes being popped out by Disney for the coming year, including some popular sequels.

They’re coming out so fast and quick, you’d think they were rabbits in heat!


For all the major announcements that were made over the Summer, head to the video below (unless you’re streaming this off your favorite podcast platform, then head to our website).

For those interested in Janifer’s gripe about the whitewashing of Hollywood, check out her post from YuanFinTheMovie’s website herehttp://www.yuanfinthemovie.com/2015/01/19/asian-issue/.

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Janifer Cheng

Janifer Cheng

Janifer is an award winning singer, performer, blogger and photographer, who loves tech, video games, pop culture, travel and cuisine. She has worked for 2 of the top 3 major record labels and major a cable network.

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