Don’t Become a Guild Leader, If You Can Help It

When I was younger, I was a bit of a control freak.

I liked the idea of taking charge and helming a group to victory.  I liked the idea that I could make choices and just get stuff done.  It was all such a novel idea.

Idea“: that’s the main word here, because an idea is all it was.

You want to know what running a guild is like?  It’s nothing like being a politician.  At least there you can get tributes (whether they admit to it or not).  Running a guild, you spend a lot of time checking up on your people, making sure they aren’t bullying someone and they themselves aren’t getting bullied, that they’re pulling their weight for the group, and if necessary, cutting them when they fall out of line.  You’re a parent/Drill Sargent/Steve Carrell in The Office all rolled into one.  You might be the darling one minute and the douchebag the next, no matter how badass you are.

The damn thing will give you agita, if you let it.

And yes, you will have players in your group like Leeroy Jenkins that will bring a whole world of cluster____ into your party.

And don’t be tempted to become a guild leader, even if they beg!

In an online game I’m associated with, I’ve been asked time and time again from the current leader to take over.  This started a year ago when we realized our group had become leaderless when the head of our guild went MIA from the game.  Those of us who were still active decided to create our own group and as such, I was asked to take the reins as group leader.  I politely declined and eventually another leader chosen, and two members were given co-leader status – one being me.


As time progressed, the leader realized this was getting to become more of a headache than anticipated and requested me to take over.  Again, I refused.  After a few months, she asked for a break.  I told her I’d be willing to take over temporarily, but that whatever choices I made had to be supported.  The temporary switch was made, and within a day she started publicly making snide remarks on universal chat about my judgement calls, culling deadbeat party members, and how she would have done things differently.   Of course, I was pissed and I gave her back her leader status, gave her the business, then promptly left the group on my own.  Within 24 hours members of the group were inviting me back to the group.  I ignored the request.  Within a week she started sending me requests.  I ignored them.  Finally after a month I opted to hear what she had to say and she had absolutely no idea why I jumped ship.  It was like talking to kids.  One minute they’re saying something, the next thing you know they are denying everything!

The point is, if you want to enjoy your game play, do not, and I repeat this DO NOT BECOME A GUILD MASTER.

It’ll save you a lot of bull and allow you to fully enjoy the game.

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