10610800_10152756219244463_8930016001450724030_nJanifer and Pedro talk about New York Comic Con, about the new 7 train extension that now leads directly to the convention center, and how New York Comic Con can be compared to Mardi Gras, but with colorful cosplayers versus drunk college spring breakers.


They also remind, both men and women, to get their boobs checked, because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (Think Pink)

Janifer will be reporting from some of the panels at comic con and our sister podcast “Pop Tech Jam’s” host JD Biersdorfer will be hosting the “New York Times OUT presents LGBT in Comics” panel on Thursday night.

We briefly talk about all the television panels happening and if people go to the con for comics at all.

We also talk about the first episode of the Muppets and how it’s effecting Pedro’s childhood and Janifer is not happy with the body shaming jokes.

We are also including the gallery of some of the photoshopped images Janifer has made of Pedro and herself over the years.

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Janifer Cheng

Janifer Cheng

Janifer is an award winning singer, performer, blogger and photographer, who loves tech, video games, pop culture, travel and cuisine. She has worked for 2 of the top 3 major record labels and major a cable network.

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