Ep. 15 – Doctor Who: Doctor, Doctor! Gimme the News!

ig3sncp1ax3egp3wokt8On this episode of The Mass Invasion podcast, Pedro and Janifer discuss Jessica Jones, and what’s been the buzz since the show has been released to the masses.  Janifer discusses the recently added play-by-plays added to the TMI review list for the show and how it’s more sexy than Marvel’s other Netflix offerings.  We also touch upon the upcoming Iron Fist and Defenders team-up for Netflix.


doctor-who-tim-burton-style-405231We also talk about the insanity of Doctor Who, both classic and current and the renewed level of fandom it has sparked.  We go from Tom Baker from the classic series to Christopher Ecclestone, who restarted the series, into our favorite, David Tennant to the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

We also have a discussion on who was our favorite companions from the refreshed series.  Whereas Pedro was a fan of Rose, Janifer loved the story between Rory and Amy, with her favorite being Clara, the current companion.

Legends-of-Tomorrow-Promo-Image-DC-CW-2016From Doctor Who, we go into Legends of Tomorrow, with Arthur Darvill’s portrayal of Rip Hunter, time jumper, and the buzz surrounding the show.  We talk on Arrow and The Flash, and the cross over team-up it birthed and the hopes we have for the series, and we are hoping, A LOT!

Lastly, we are doing a grand giveaway!  We are taking one item per block we’ve received all year and putting it into one giant super block for you.  Check out our video promo for more details.

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