Gambling: Anime Style (Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler)

If you’re a watcher of anime or reader of manga, you are more than likely aware of their hyper, over the top characters, and ridiculous scenarios.  Where some can be playful and innocent like Pokemon or My Hero Academia, while others can be dark and downright twisted like the Neo Sci-fi film Akira or Ghost in the Shell.  The medium itself offers a whole gamut of genres that cannot be considered “for kids”, and Kakegurui is no exception.

Originally based off the Japanese manga series in 2014, the story follows the transfer student Yumeko Jabami – a compulsive gambler, as she navigates through Hyakkaou Private Academy: an elite high school for the over privileged, where the hierarchy is determined based on your win/loss ratio in various games of chance and the monetary contributions to the student council and/or how much debt a student has over their head.  Those that are in debt become house pets (aka slaves) to the rest of the student body, and if the total amount is insurmountable, are given “life schedules”: a pre-determined life path including political marriages, essentially using their lives to pay off their debt.

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