Gotham Season 2 Premiere: “Damned If You Do…”


For those who have yet to sink their teeth into Gotham, you have a chance to watch the entire 1st season on Netflix, and for Hulu Plus subscribers, the first episode of season 2 there.


For those who have been paying close attention, you maybe reeling over the sharp 180 character Jim Gordon took during the season 2 premiere.  Stoic Jim went from well respected detective to traffic cop while Penguin rose to power.  Barbara Keen, and her designer bags took a walk into a cell at Arkham, and young Bruce found out what was really hidden behind the fireplace in his father’s study.  Tying up loose ends seemed to be the point of order in this episode, although the month after the burning down of Gotham’s streets (courtesy of the mob war between Don Falcone, Don Maroni, and Fish), Penguin, acting as the lone survivor, attempted to strong arm the remaining threads of the underworld beneath his sole umbrella.

Although previously under the thumb of Commissioner Loeb, Gordon and Bullock were unable to maintain their power over him; Bullock getting the pink slip (bringing about a change of career and lifestyle, now as a sober bartender in a semi-decent relationship), and Gordon’s 2nd foot shoved past the door before the first commercial break. There goes the clean up of the GCPD.

Due to a new bad boy and bad girl in town, things get weirder.  With the introduction of Theo Glavan and his sister Tabitha (Tigress), and their ingenious break out of several villains, including Keen, The Dark Mask, Jerome (potentially The Joker), and several others, the question is “what kind of syndicate are they planning to create”?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, cannon’s out the window.  During the airing of season 1, with the lack of establishment of The Joker and the additional element of Fish Mooney, we knew it was going to be a loose interpretation.  Now it looks as though Theo Galavan is the new super evil not supported by Dark Knight cannon, however with the unhinging of Edward Nigma and the evolving suspicions and dark sentiment of young Bruce, we can see the sprouting of the Batman story line we all know so well.  There have also been whispers in the grapevine as to whether Barbara will ultimately turn into Martha Wayne’s Joker from Flashpoint.   Outside the fact that actress Erin Richards easily resembles Eduardo Risso’s Martha Wayne, per Joker, I believe it would piss off more Batman fans than bat nipples.

The crossing over of Jim Gordon into the dark side, thanks to Penguin, was bound to happen, with him constantly riding the line throughout the middle to end of season 1.  He looked part awkward thief, part Night at the Roxbury, in the midst of his “favor”, ultimately killing someone, which wasn’t what he wanted, but was the hidden fee for Penguin to scare out Commissioner Loeb from his position and to reinstate Gordon back into the GCPD, only to be informed that Barbara Keen escaped Arkham.

Episode 1, in season 2 had so many twists and turns, it felt like driving on a Hot Wheels track.  We will be looking forward to the remainder of the season.

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