Gyakuten Saiban aka Ace Attorney Animated Series

353054-ace1I’m a big nerd for Phoenix Wright, so I may come off as a bit bias, so be warned.  If you don’t know, Phoenix Wright is one of the main characters in the adventure/visual novel video game series entitled “Ace Attorney”, published by Capcom.  The title has been around since 2001.  Primarily a Nintendo handheld game franchise, in the last few years, several of the older titles have been republished for Windows, iOS, and Android.  Currently on it’s sixth game under it’s main title, this series has four spin off titles, with a fifth currently in development.  A live action film was released back in 2012 in Japan, as well as a stage show and musicals, it’s own manga, and an animated series, featuring cases from the first two games, was released back in early April 2016.

Yeah, it’s THAT popular.

animanga-1_288042Big fans of the video game will find the animated series comfortably familiar, recalling cases played and turnabouts discovered.  There are some additional backstory bits that are not available in the video game that the anime does expand upon, which will be of interest to fans.  If you have no idea about the game, but like murder mysteries with a touch of Japanese humor, you’ll appreciate the series.  Most folks who have been reviewing the anime were either rabid fans of the game and were disappointed (as most book to movie viewers are) or had expected it be more J-anime (Japanese Anime) romantic/dramatic, which many series tend to lean toward these days.

Gyakuten Saiban, in my opinion, is like Law & Order lite.  The franchise is bright, and purposely (and hilariously) over dramatic, as is the case with many in the genre, however, it’s interesting in the way it puzzles out cases.  For fans, like myself, it’s like a fun walk down memory lane.

Although it hasn’t been mentioned yet, we are hoping the animation does get a green light for season 2.   “Trials and Tribulations”, the third game off the series, offers one of the best villains in the franchise: Dahlia Hawthorne.  I’m also hoping that they release some of the stories from the Japan only titles, such as “Dai Gyakuten Saiban” and “Ace Attorney Investigations 2”.

If you’re into checking out the game, “Ace Attorney : Phoenix Wright Trilogy” and “Dual Destinies”, are both available for iOS and Nintendo 3DS.  The newest title, “Spirit of Justice” is available only on the Nintendo 3DS.  Check out the trailer for the game below.

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