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When you were a child, did you ever play “hide and seek”? In my family of nine cousins, we’d play hide and seek in one house as our parents were next door playing mah jong in another. Only the first floor playable space and some of us thought of really creative ways, including positioning ourselves underneath seat cushions and behind stairs.

carmen_sandiego_a_lI remember games like “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” (available free to play at archive.org) where you had to go through several locations just to figure out where Carmen was.  And how about the giant picture books like “Where’s Waldo”, where you had to scan ever scene to find the mysterious stripped shirt Waldo?

These days, hide and seek games go by another moniker – hidden object games.

If you go into Big Fish Games and take a look at their available downloadable games, hidden object is the first option they give you, with most of their games listed as popular.  Some of these games have other elements like puzzles as well, which makes you want to chuck your mouse.  The popularity of this genre is not new.  Some titles are on their 11th edition, such as the ever popular “Mystery Case Files”.

The story lines driven in these games can go from innocent, as it is in Christmas Wonderland to as dark as Phantasmat.

If you haven’t tried any, Big Fish Games offer a 60-90 minute free trial of most of their games.  Here are some of my favorite series and specific ones you may want to try.

Mystery_Case_Files_logoSeries: Mystery Case Files 
Specific Favorite Games: Fate’s Carnival, Return to Ravenhearst, 13th Skull
Summary: For the most part, the game is generally associated with the take down of the Dalimar family, whether it be Alister (the elder), or his son Charles.
Most Recent Release: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove
Player Summary: If available, get the collector’s edition.  The bonus game play makes it worth it.  Some of the audio content can be disturbing on some editions.

Series: Dark Parables
dark-parables-rise-of-the-snow-queen_featureSpecific Favorite Games: The Rise of the Snow Queen, The Red Riding Hood Sisters
Summary: Games based on old fairy tales expanded.  These are not the legitimate tales, but re-imagined versions of the classics.
Most Recent Release: The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide
Player Summary: Even though this series is based on classic fairy tales, some of the stories are not made for small children.

puppetshow-mystery-of-joyville_featureSeries: Puppetshow
Specific Favorite Game: Mystery of Joyville
Summary: If puppets never unnerved you before, this game will certainly do the trick.  Always set in an innocent looking village, the cursed puppets start showing up, causing some mayhem to stall you from finishing your task.
Most Recently Release: Lightning Strikes
Player Summary: Some of the images will be disturbing to small children and some adults.

Happy hunting!

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