#HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge Deserves Jail Time

Dear Danny Frost and Gemma Jaxx,

Prepare to be put behind bars for coercion, under the 18 US Code 2422: through the pressure of social media, and by extension, encouragement of minors participation, you two are looking at more than 20 years of jail time for creating this mock (breast cancer awareness) campaign, and God forbid any of you try to redistribute the images, add another 20 years, under 18 US Code 2252.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, a fictitious breast cancer awareness campaign with the hash tag #HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge have been making the rounds recently on social media.

Those who were willing to participate in this campaign, more than likely didn’t get a chance to read up on charity spoofing or do their research and realize it wasn’t a real campaign at all.

Charity spoofing is when those not involved with a charity organization creates a fake campaign to supposedly “raise awareness”, but it really doesn’t raise awareness or help the organization at all, and only means to humiliate or prank those who believe what the chain notice says, without question.

In this case, it was the adult entertainment site/adult modeling agency Elite Talent Referral that created this mock campaign and due to the backlash from breast cancer survivors and those who are currently receiving treatment for this disease, the company is attempting to spin it as if it grew into a good cause, although through this campaign, no funds have been donated to Breast Cancer Care or any other organization that works to not only educate, but help those in crisis.

At least the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge came with a price tag ($5 donation if you took the challenge, $100 donation if you did not).

modelDue to the nature of viral campaigns, not only adults, but minors have a tendency to participate (adult supervision be damned), and thus become a problem in sexually charged campaigns, such as the one Danny Frost and Gemma Jaxx perpetrated.  What’s worse is the question of the way social media responds.  Would the appropriate actions be taken by networks to take the material down, and if a post from a minor becomes popular, due to the algorithms of Facebook and Twitter, would the networks automatically redistribute the “liked”, commented, or reposted item to other followers, thereby participate in the redistribution of sexually charged material of a minor?  You can see how it can quickly become a rabbit hole of sharknado proportions.

giving_slider_license_plate9_18_14_640x357So do us all a favor and if you get any spoof charity message, if it does not include details on how to donate funds, materials, and/or time, and a website to refer to, supporting the organisation and it’s cause and mission, then ignore it and move on!

For those who wish to truly make a difference and end breast cancer, please donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation or any other recognized Breast Cancer Charity in your area.

Recognition is not enough.  We need a cure.

This post is dedicated to my friends:

Jenny, who is currently being treated for stage 4 breast cancer,
Nat, who beat breast cancer,
and Joele who unfortunately met her untimely end due to it.

Love you all.

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