Injustice: In Your Arcade

Based off the DC Comics universe, “Injustice: Gods Among Us” is a fighting game that was first released in April of 2013 on most major video game consoles (Nintendo excluded) with a variation available on iOS and Android.  The popularity of the game spawned a sequel that was released May of 2017.  The game essentially pits popular DC Comics characters against each other in an all-out brawl for supremacy.  Characters fight until completely incapacitated with various game play options such as story mode, multiplayer mode, and standard arcade mode.

For the longest time, many players assumed that the only way to get your Injustice fix would be to play it in the comfort of your home, however, NetherRealm Studios released a cabinet version exclusively available at Dave & Busters arcade chain, where you can play a 3 on 3 match with your favorite characters, but with a catch.  To be able to play your favorite characters, you’ll need to have their character cards and with 100 unique cards available, or 200, if you also include their foil variation, it will be a while before you get all of them.

The game play in the cabinet version is closer to that of the mobile versions, offering no joystick only quick, block, strong, special, and swap buttons.  There’s no story mode and after you’ve completely your fight, you won’t be able to continue with that single credit.  Character abilities still stay consistent, as well as their specials, however offering more of a PG version for the Dave & Buster audience (no bloody deaths from the MK characters).  Characters from other NetherRealm franchises can be found in this cabinet version, including Mortal Kombat and the Arkham series, including surprises like characters from well known franchises, such as Red Son, Blackest Night, Flashpoint, Teen Titans, New 52, CW shows, and those from the films and animated series.  Some of the ones we’ve been able to collect are available in the images on this post.

Players who have their choice team scans barcodes of their chosen characters off the back of the cards and play them against the opposing team.  Win or lose, you will gain a card.  You also have the option of forego playing altogether just to gain a card, if you choose.

If you haven’t test driven this version, it’s a lot of fun to play and the non-joystick set up is such that you won’t find yourself “hadoken” out of the game by more seasoned players.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

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