Is Disney Overkilling Their New Franchises?

In recent years, Disney has commanded the box office with a steady stream of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films, and it looks like they plan to use the same formula for the Star Wars franchise, however, is it getting to be overkill?

In the latest release, The Last Jedi (TLJ) have fans torn, wondering if this is the direction the film franchise will be taking, moving forward.  Prior to the release of TLJ, Disney announced they’d be staggering the film releases between one-offs and those that continued the on-going story of Rebels vs. The New Order, with the next film slated to be released in mid 2018, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” revolving around Han Solo, pre-Leia and Luke.  Although the Star Wars universe does have a lot of content to draw upon, the question is if the franchise will suffer from over exposure, as is presently happening with the comic book franchises, where some fans have begun to turn their backs on the box office releases and television shows.

The gamble of following a trend is that flops will occur, as with television series like DC’s Powerless and Constantine, and most recently, the MCU show Inhumans, which have all found themselves cancelled.  It looks like being part of a comic book universe does not guarantee longevity.  It also seems to not guarantee audience love, as with the slew of DCEU films that have disappointed the hardcore fans (Batman v. Superman, Suicide Squad, and the latest, Justice League), making some actors, such as Ben Affleck hesitant to ever don the cape ever again.  Even though some of the trendiest writers and directors have taken the helm, their vision of these iconic characters and the film universe doesn’t seem to mesh with audiences who have grown up with these stories.  Some are concerned if Ron Howard, who is the director of the Solo film was a proper choice, being his disassociation with the content, thus far.

Although Disney seems to have had the most success in respect to the MCU, with their television, streaming, and movie deals, is The Last Jedi an outlier or, perhaps, a warning of things to come?

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Star Wars films?

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