Jessica Jones, Ep. 2, (aka Crush Syndrome) Review – SPOILERS

1280x720-ObiIt’s an interesting line that they walk with Jessica Jones.

In this episode, we see no sex, but more character development with some of, who I’d assume to be, the major players of the show: Jessica, Trish, and Luke, but we are still left in the dark as to what Kilgrave made Jessica do to shake her resolve.

Although we start out with the Hope Sclottman case, it’s pretty much the casing and lost in the waist side to everything else in the episode.

We get a bit more info on the relationship between Trish and Jessica, although in the comics, we know they are adopted sisters.  We also see the evolution of Trish into Hellcat, or what we assume will become Hellcat.



In episode two, we are given the hint that Luke isn’t just a well-stacked owner of a bar.  During a bar fight, as he and Jessica throw guys, one armed, across the bar, with ease, Luke doesn’t get cut when a brawler attempts to cut him with a shattered beer bottle.  That causes some mental inquiries.  Later we are privy to him putting a circular saw to his own side, with nary a scratch, just to show Jessica.  Introducing, the indestructible, Power Man.

With all of this, we are left to wonder: If Jessica wasn’t hired to watch Luke, why was she watching him, and how long was she watching him, also based on the title of the episode, was she just stalking him because she was crushing on him?

We do get to finally see Kilgrave in action.  The abilities of his mind control are both terrifying, yet subtle, and slightly reminiscent of a Jedi mind trick, without the waving of the hand.  We also know why Kilgrave and Jessica parted ways, and perhaps a way to destroy him. episodes in and we get to see more of Jeri Hogarth, played by Carrie-Anne Moss.  Originally “Jeryn Hogarth” was a man of that seemingly slightly greasy variety; Marvel’s go-to lawyer for many of their superheroes needing legal representation (associated with the Fantastic Four, Oracle Inc., and the Avengers, among others).  I wonder how much “getting-around” Jeri will be having, outside of her affair with her secretary behind her wife’s back.

Just like the pacing of Daredevil, we are slowly left to linger, watching the characters unfold at a pace that suits the binge watcher: not too fast, but not too slow.  An good pace, when you want to seduce your full season, weekend binge audience.

So far, so good, Netflix fans.  We’ll be back with episode 3.

13jessica2-facebookJumboSide note: I do wonder about the neighbors upstairs.  Personally, not a fan of the sister and I can see Kilgrave using the brother, but that’s just me.  Maybe they’ll be a running gag.  We shall see.

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