Jessica Jones, Ep.3 , (aka It’s Called Whiskey) Review – SPOILERS

ig3sncp1ax3egp3wokt8We continue on this romp with Ms. Jessica Jones with a wall pinning with Luke Cage, with the upstairs troll watching through a crack in the door.

I guess the show runners thought they needed to bring back the sex quotient.

So it’s unveiled in episode 2 that Luke Cage was indestructible and Jessica has super strength.  After their passionate jaunt, we are brought to them at table side, sharing a meal, discussing the rest of their special abilities and understand that Jessica can’t “fly”, but she has a super jump ability.  They also talk about the world where they live, which is a first in any of the franchises.  We are led to believe that there are less of them out there than suspected and that when the public knows what they can do, they either “come at you with a noose, or their hands out”, as mentioned by Luke.   For the first time, the world of Marvel is being fleshed out on a larger scope than just the characters in the show.

Then we return to more passion play that breaks the bed, and a little more of the reveal on why Jessica may have really been following Luke in the first place.  The picture behind the bathroom mirror comes into play again, however, this time, we are brought back to a memory.  We are told by Luke that the woman in the photo was dead.  How was Jessica involved?  Flashback had her there, the question is “why”.  We later find out that the woman was Luke’s ex-wife.  Later we find out that Jessica was responsible for Luke’s wife’s death, due to Kilgrave’s command.

More abstract content with radio background talking about mutants and Kilgrave play in the following two scenes, reinforcing the “noose” comment original made by Luke two scenes before.  We are also led to believe that the “heroine” days of Jessica Jones left a bad taste in her mouth, since she left the business some time ago to become a private eye.  The whole episode sub-theme seems to be about “us against them”.

Jessica-Jones-Episode-3-Recap-surveilance-700x394Later we see Kilgrave face to face and what he’s capable of.  After being taunted on the radio by Trish, he send out a police officer to kill , then believing he was successful, becomes a homing beacon back to Kilgrave.  Kilgrave is capable of programming minds to do his bidding until the task is completed.  People are willing to jump of ledges, kill people, or kill themselves, if that’s what is required and we are brought face to face with Kilgrave’s true obsession: Jessica.

Episode 3 finally answers the questions that we’ve been wondering since episode 1, and we now know it’s guilt that strings Jessica on this path.

Now we know who is really the cat and the mouse, and Kilgrave is definitely not the mouse here.

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