Jessica Jones, Ep 4+5 -SPOILERS

Since the end of episode three, we knew Jessica was going to be left wondering who her stalker was and why is Kilgrave still obsessed.  We know that he previously controlled Jessica Jones and know that she was able to break out of his spell after, unintentionally, killing Luke Cage’s wife.

Due to her level of paranoia, Jessica is now suspicious of practically everyone, from clients to longtime working relationships, for the exception of the brother and sister upstairs and the drug addict next door.

Jessica-Jones-Netflix-TV-Review-SEason-1-Episode-4-5-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-2Also, recapping from episode three, when Trish called out Kilgrave on the air during her radio show, it landed her a hair’s breath from death in the hands of a Kilgrave controlled police officer, who was sent to throw himself off a roof of a building, and become sidewalk rubble, if not for Jessica.  What we didn’t factor in was the fact that this cop had a guilty conscience, and would have a continuing role in the show.  For those taking score, the police officer is Will Simpson, who is “Nuke” from the Marvel universe.  How that will play out in this show, we aren’t certain yet.

We meet some of Kilgrave’s other victims, who came out from hiding after Trish’s radio broadcast, although less emotionally scarred (for the exception of a few) than Jessica and Hope, they do provide some interesting information that furthers the search for Kilgrave.

Through some investigating, and the use of Officer Simpson, who is still attempting to make amends for his actions, Jessica discovers her junkie neighbor, Malcolm is her photo stalker.  Due to weaknesses of Kilgrave’s abilities, he hooked Malcolm on to drugs to retain control so he’d continue to do his bidding.

Jessica-Jones-Episode-5-Recap-costume-700x394In episode 5, we are thrown back in time to see Jessica pre Kilgrave, and understand that she may have been edgy prior, but not to this extent.  We are introduced to her “Jewel” costume, courtesy of Trish, although realize it will most likely never fly.  The viewer is getting to understand more and more that the people in her circle, as they continue to show up, most likely have a closer tie in with her relationship with Kilgrave, knowingly or not.

Of course, there’s at least one sex scene, this time we find Trish enjoying a south bound tongue ride, courtesy of Officer Simpson, after giving Trish an illegal gun to arm herself in case of emergencies, and warming his way back into her good graces.

jessica-jones-purple-manThe three, once informed of Malcolm’s association, devise a plan to kidnap Kilgrave at the next meet, only to wind up getting ambushed.  It’s back to the old drawing board.

We also realize that Jessica’s motivations are more associated with her addiction/fear/dislike of Kilgrave.  That even though she is absolutely terrified of him, kindness are for fellow victims who she shares sympathy for, because she knows all too well his overwhelming power, and the self loathing associated with it.

IMG_0176I’ve heard some buzzing around guys being objectified as sexual objects in this show, and how it seems, even with abilities, or no, they’ve taken second fiddle to the women, which has changed the entire paradigm of  the majority of film and television shows, except for Buffy and Xena.  The humor of it all is some guys have openly objected to it and defended the status quo.  In my opinion, if you’re accepted of one, you need to be accepting of the other, because like it or not, it becomes a matter of sexual prejudice if you cannot accept the swapping of roles.  It’s slightly uncomfortable, but all new transition and growth is just that: uncomfortable. Accept it, embrace it, or challenge it, but if you do the later, challenge all, not just the one that’s convenient.

In relation to future episodes, we are now left to wonder who does that upstairs beta guy become, since he’s been showing up a little too often to be a nobody and what will be the culmination of the budding relationship between Hellcat and Nuke.  Jessica Jones is proving to be a lot better well crafted than Daredevil.

We will see.

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