Jessica Jones: Ep 6: AKA You’re A Winner – SPOILERS

jessica_jones_kilgrave_6At the start of episode 6, we find out how Kilgrave has been funding himself.  His power of suggestion is effective and singular in it’s task, and anyone that tries to get in the way will find themselves scarred or dead.  However later in the episode, we come to realize there are some things he’s not willing to use his abilities for, and uses other methods, such as money, doing things above board.  Although unnecessary, it’s interesting to note that even he sometimes doesn’t feel it’s necessary to use his abilities.

We are also brought to understand why Hope got the beat down at the end of episode 6, and realizing that Kilgrave m6KZu2xbcDZ6SZmhMCH64s0ZhCw4ay have a child on the way is a frightening thought.

Malcolm is on the road to drug binge recovery, as long as Jessica continues her 10AM selfie text to the man in purple, and Luke is now privileged in the knowledge that Kilgrave’ powers are real and a fraction as to why Jessica won’t let him in.  As for now, their paths cross, since Luke has hired Jessica as a PI to find a missing person, and that information may expose Jessica as Luke’s wife’s killer.  We are privy to additional knowledge that his wife wasn’t killed for a frivolous act, but because she was storing information, a USB stick that we are still in the dark about.  Looks like the noose is tightening around Jessica’s neck, and she can finally see the hang man.

Why did Kilgrave purchase Jessica’s childhood home?  Now we understand what was the premise of her recalling her streets.  We have a reference point to match up once we are panned out to the street.  Is Kilgrave obsessed because Jessica was able to break out of his spell?  Is that the reason he wants her so badly?  We will know soon enough.

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