League of Legends: A Newbie’s Guide

Madison Square Garden for the 2015 North American League of Legends Championships

Madison Square Garden, New York City. A sold out crowd of over 15,000 people.

Two teams square off in an epic showdown for the Championship…Is that a Knicks playoff game? Are the Rangers playing tonight? No.

It’s League of Legends baby!

The wildly-popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(MOBA), known as League of Legends, has popularized the eSports genre. It’s literally made playing games for a living a reality. The game consists of two teams, composed of 5 people all trying to break the other team’s base. Teams use different ways of acquiring money, such as killing champions, minions, and breaking the enemy’s line of defenses(we call them turrets), to press their advantages and take down the “Nexus” deep inside the other team’s base. First one to do so gets a big fat VICTORY and a few quick seconds of trash talking glory.

Eventual winners of the $50,000 grand prize(With the other $50,000 being split amongst the other contenders) – Fnatic

LoL Evolution

League of Legends(LoL) was released back in October 2009 and hasn’t let go of the gas since its release. Fun fact for you current LoL’ers, League of Legends was released with a plan and a purpose. Prior to the game’s release, Riot Games, the company that makes LoL, acquired $7 million in funding to work on its soon-to-be released video game. The game released in Oct 2009, in its “Pre-Season” with plans for a HUGE prize pool for the winners of Season 1 – $100,000!

With all the attention of a prize pool involved, the best players in the world created 5 man teams to compete for the grand prize. With over 1.6million online viewers for the tournament, League of Legends made a name for itself in this genre of video games.


It’s 4 years since the end of Season One (Season 1 ended June 2011) and the fans are getting ready for the Season 5 World Championships of League of Legends.

Since Season 1, Riot Games has made a lot of moves to enhance the player and spectator experience for eSports. In 2013, the United Stated Government actually recognized League of Legends as a sport! As a result, some colleges now offer full scholarships for promising young League of Legends players! Yea. They went there.

But the meat and potatoes of eSports now is the full blown video game circuit Riot Games created to structure their seasons, called the League Championship Series(LCS). These circuits consist of two halves(splits) and each split has a few teams scheduled to play each other on a weekly basis. When the dust settles, the best teams fight it out in the LCS Playoffs, where the best team in the region is crowned.

LCS Regular Season Schedule Screenshot, taken from lolesports.com

Madison Square Garden just hosted the North American LCS Finals and, as stated before, it held a sold out crowd of over 15,000 people! Tickets sold out in 30 minutes! I was only about 30 minutes too late, nbd.

After the region has been conquered, the best of the best meet for the LoL World Championships. This year it’s being held all over Europe, with the teams competing for pride, their legacy, and their split of the $2,000,000 prize pool! Opening games are on October 1st on lolesports.com

 Just play!

 Now, while only maybe 0.01% of players ever go pro, League of Legends itself is a great game for about anyone. Even some of the pro’s parents play the game and have a lot of fun doing it too. It’s also not as intense and time consuming as MMORPGs and storyline games.

Give it a try at LeagueofLegends.com ! Hey, ya never know. You could be the next pro player to fight for a spot in the LoL NA LCS or one of those other super long acronyms.


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