minions_2015-wideOnce upon a time there were these twinkie shaped little beasties called “Minions” who lived to serve the biggest and baddest meenie in the whole world.

Their intentions were good, but their execution was something out of a classic Saturday Night (before the “Live” part) sketch.  With that being said, this movie is not meant for intelligent dinner conversation and like many animations these days, served up with multiple levels of humor that you and your nine-year-old may enjoy on a family night, or a Mommy’s or Daddy’s weekend with the kids.

Set across time, these beloved characters find a way of surviving the Ice Age, Count Dracula, as well as Napoleon, even though their masters did not.  We are left to follow three minions (Kevin, Bob, and Stuart) on their journey to save their tribe from depression during the hippie era (1960’s), traveling from New York to alligator infested, pre Disney converted Florida for Villain-Con.  Think of an auto show crossed with DC comic’s Legion of Doom.

It is at Villain-Con these three minions meet Scarlett Overkill, played by Sandra Bullock, who must have had a f090n time playing this epitome of villainy.  She is married to genius scientist Herb Overkill, played by Jon Hamm, who threw us completely for a loop with him voice acting (we had no idea it was him until IMDB).  After the completion of Mad Men, we guess Jon was looking for something completely off the wall, since he’s also in the upcoming Netflix series “Wet Hot American Summer: First  Day of Camp” which spoofs the National Lampoon and Porky’s films from the 80’s.  Michael Keaton (yes, Batman) has a small voice over role as a villainous father.  We’ll hold off from saying any more.

The only parental concerns you should be aware of are the slight sexual overtones in some of the scenes as well as the one scene where there minions are in a torture chamber.  The movie has a lot of “kid in a candy store” elements, so you should expect a lot of sight gags.  Also, if you don’t like your children exposed to any sort of violence, then this isn’t the sort of film for them (any film concerning villainy wouldn’t be appropriate for them, which is 80% of cartoons today).

We’ll leave the rest for you to enjoy in the theater.

Does it measure up to the hype?  Not really.  Is it a fun watch?  Yes.  Is it worth watching in 3D?  No.   The film explains why it still stands within the top 5 for it’s 3rd weekend out, and has so far grossed over $262M since the writing of this post.  Also, don’t expect Gru until the very end.

Now head to the theater and make them happy!


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