Podcast Episode 1: San Diego Comic Con, Sequels, and Females in Comics

San_Diego_Comic-Con_International_logo.svgAs San Diego Comic Con gets underway, Pedro and I (Janifer) discuss some of the news that have come down the pike so far, as well as all the film sequels that have been announced, including the all female cast of Ghostbusters, the upcoming Fantastic Four film, Batman v. Superman, and the upcoming JLA (Justice League America) film.

We also take a moment to talk about women in comics: how Wonder Woman is being marketed differently than Black Widow, and how the upcoming Wolverine will be a female.  We also touch upon the reboot of the Archie comic book franchise and if it’s safe for young readers.

We make speculations on the upcoming Ryan Reynolds Deadpool film and whether the announcement of the character to be non-schizophrenic will alter the character movie portrayal at all, and if Ryan will be making a return as Green Lantern for the upcoming JLA film.

As for television, we talk about the first look at Sherlock’s upcoming Christmas special and the Doctor Who panel.

We also try to petition a way for us to get to next year’s San Diego Comic Con!

For those catching this on our website (themassinvasion.com) we also include a photo gallery of some of the costumed folks who cause Pedro and my pedestrian rage in Times Square on a daily and some of the stuff Pedro received in mystery grab bag.  We warn you, some of the pics from Times Square are NSFW (not safe for work).

We are The Mass INvasion. #AreYouIn?


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