Remembering Final Fantasy VII

Once upon a time, during my Nintendo/SNES/Playstation One days I was a big RPG fan.  I loved classic titles like Dragon Warrior, Suikoden, Secret of Mana, and, of course, Final Fantasy.  I still have the booklet that comes with the game for Final Fantasy 1.

Over the weekend, Square Enix released the trailer for “Final Fantasy VII Remake” at their E3 2015 press conference.

I remember pre-ordering my copy and getting the Cloud t-shirt, included when the game arrived. At the local game shop, players would ask each other how long it took them to finish the game. For me, it took a little less than a month. Some people gawked.


final-fantasy-vii-advent-children.11228(SPOILER ALERT!!!)
The look of incredulity among the other players turned quickly into skepticism. Yeah, I didn’t fight all the leviathans, yeah, I didn’t go in depth with the chocobo racing, but did that really matter? I saw all the cut scenes, and still got choked up over Aerith’s death. Even though I was an Aerith fan, some of my other favorite characters included Vincent Valentine, Red XIII, and Cait Sith, and my favorite summon was Knights of the Round, because seeing 9999 points of multiple damage dealt to my opponent was satisfying.  I also remember the Turks, pre-release, referred to as Rand Corp., which later an east coast DDR team named themselves after.

When Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (the movie) came out, fans everywhere were chomping at the bit to watch these endearing character battle it out, for love, for forgiveness, for survival, for retribution, for the kids, and everything in between.

Now, eighteen years later after the game was originally released in the US, those that grew up with it are now adults, with kids, going crazy over the complete re-haul of the visuals.  My social feed is filled with folks in their 30’s and 40’s chomping at the bit; some debating whether this will be the reason for them to actually buy the PS4, still disgruntled over the price tag.

After eighteen years, I don’t think I’ll be finishing the game in a month.  The Cloud t-shirt I got with the original game is now in the ownership of someone I saw for a short period of time (he wasn’t worth the shirt), lost to me for eternity.  And I may just enjoy watching someone else playing it on YouTube rather than make the full investment into getting another game console just to have the game collect dust due to my busy schedule.

Yeah, I maybe growing up, but that doesn’t mean I’m leaving the medium.

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