Review: “Batman: Arkham Knight”

arkham-knight“Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain” (Robert Jordan, Wheel of Time Series). Get ready to bear a heavy load as Batman faces off against some of the toughest challenges he’s ever come across in Batman: Arkham Knight. This review will cover the basics of the game and will avoid any specific details that might be spoilers. This is truly a game that has to be experienced in its entirety because every part of it is simply Bat-mazing.

As you start the game, the first thing you’ll notice is the incredible level of detail in all things around you. The graphics in the game really show you what our current generation of game consoles can do. Take a few minutes to walk around any street corner or enemy stronghold (once you’ve defeated them that is) and you’ll find all kinds of Bat related tidbits; a few easter eggs that pay homage to Batman throughout the ages. Gameplay mechanics are very similar to the previous games. This also means that you’ve got a very short training session. After that you’re on your own to get used to the free flow fighting style. Luckily there are many fight challenges in the game to get your skills up to par. These challenges are fun at first but will soon turn into a test of true skill if you want to master your Bat techniques. There are also challenges that test your hunting skills as you stalk prey and take out combatants one by one.

maxresdefault (1)The real draw of this game is that you can be all the Batman you want to be. Besides the main villains of Scarecrow and Arkham Knight, there are many other villains to contend with at your own discretion during the game. It’s up to you to take on the other missions in the game, take down the evils that plague Gotham’s streets, and take back control of your city in true Batman style. You’re not working for free though, as all these missions grant you needed XP points that help Batman level up to access new gear and fight techniques that you will definitely need.

One of the new aspects of this game is finally being able to drive the Batmobile. But this is no traditional Bat car with a rocket booster and fancy paint job. The genius that is Lucius Fox crafted a tank that happens to be a car when it’s not busy blowing up enemy fortifications. It will take time getting used to the driving mechanics as this tank on wheels drives like, well, a tank on wheels. Once acclimated, it’s a dream to have in game. Of course there are challenges in game to boost your driving and tank skills, so be ready to tear through the streets of Gotham on a rocket fueled canon doing timed races or battling Arkham Knight vehicles. Overall, this is the best Batman experience to date and one that shouldn’t be missed.

Dwight Selby, (aka DSEL) is long time gamer who still owns his original Nintendo. Strictly a console kinda guy, he’s been shooting bad guys, collecting power ups, and saving the day, universe, and all of reality since the early 90’s. He plays on PSN at the aka above and you’ll generally find him punching his enemies in the face, with bullets.

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