S1: The Flash Wrap Up- SPOILERS

I didn’t want to release this until Hulu released the finale of season 1 of The Flash first, so if you haven’t watched the finale yet, here’s your chance.

First and foremost, the team that were responsible for the show did an excellent job, we applaud you.


From the overall origins story to the development of the story arc, to the season finale (which we can all agree was a huge tear jerker), to that the teaser for “Legends of Tomorrow”: we’re just upset that we have to wait until the Fall for season 2!

If you’re still catching up, Hulu still has the pilot up as well as seasons 19-23 (for Hulu Plus subscribers), but we don’t know for how long.  If you have Amazon Prime, you can catch the full season on demand.

There were a lot of twists and talk about who the Reverse Flash was, from articles discovering who Dr. Wells was and where he came from (the Super Friends cartoon series from the 80’s), to debates from avid fans of who the Reverse Flash was (Eddie Thawne, Eobard Thawne, Dr. Edward Clariss, Zoom/Professor Zoom, Hunter Zolomon, Thaddeus Thawne/Inertia, Daniel West), and we were served a special dose by the writers on the Reverse Flash backstory.

Introduction of the multiverse was brought into play as well as time travel, which added more layers to this series, adding to the overall Flash sandwich: layer after layer of enemies that made return appearances (evident in the Rogue Air episode #22) and homages to the original television series (John Wesley Shipp, the original actor who played The Flash as Henry Allen, and Mark Hamill reprising his role as “The Trickster”).

If you watched the finale, you know it brought about some tantalizing questions when Barry was going through the speed force, we are shown Caitlin’s as Killer Frost, the Flash Museum, and Barry as a convict in Iron Heights!  If you want a clearer picture, watch the slowdown below:

With the final scene of the season finale portraying Barry entering the worm hole, the question remains, with Eobard Thawne erased from existence (who created their alternate timeline), will Harrison Wells (cin Eobard Thawne) still create the particle accelerator? Will Barry now become The Flash another way? Will there be a whole new litter of meta humans?  And with the unveiling of Killer Frost, does this mean that Caitlin will now be a villain?  Will Cisco don his meta human moniker of Vibe, now that Eobard Thawne has revealed to him that he did not come out of the particle accelerator explosion unscathed?  With the reveal of Jay Garrick’s helmet in the scene where Eobard is about to go into the black hole mean that classic Flash will be making an appearance?  If the timeline alters, will Cisco, outside of Barry, be the only other team member that remembers the alternate timeline? And more importantly, does this mean that Barry and Iris have a second chance?

Just like a blushing bride, season 1 of The Flash had everything going for it:

  • Something Old – John Wesley Shipp and Mark Hamill from the original series, Jay Garrick’s helmet, or the original comic book story line.
  • Something New – The entire cast.
  • Something Borrowed – Arrow crossover episodes.
  • Something Blue – This can be disputed as: The police, Killer Frost, Captain Cold, or Eddie Thawne’s sacrifice: you decide.

However way you slice it, The Flash wasn’t all flash and we’re chomping at the bit for season 2.

Post script: We agree with Stephen Amell‘s assessment, Grant Gustin should play The Flash in the upcoming Justice League movie.  Our opinion, and we’re sticking to it!

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