Don’t Sleep on Sleepy Hollow

Perhaps one of the hidden gems of this past Spring Fox line-up, the show Sleepy Hollow caught the television audience by surprise with their bending of colonial history, courtesy of their man out of time, Ichabod Crane – a spy for founding father General George Washington, played by Tom Mison.  His partner and liaison to our present day life is Abbie Mills, played by Lieutenant Nicole Biharie.  The production and network made fans wait a full season before bringing back the show, after it’s epic first season run, more than likely because Fox had no idea the show would be a hit.  After seeing the audience reaction, the cast and crew went to work on a full second season, which started a few weeks ago (which is available on Hulu) and has made promises that they will be on every Monday night through November.

As some of you already know, I was in the audience at New York Comic Con during the Sleepy Hollow panel (I got the very LAST pass), and recorded some footage from the event.  Below are a few clips, but let us warn you first – there are SPOILERS!!!

About Captain Frank Irving’s role in the apocalypse (Frank Irving played by Orlando Jones)

How would it feel if your character flipped to the other side?

What songs would “Team Apocalypse” sing at a karaoke bar?

If you want to check out the story from the beginning, a good portion of season one is available on Hulu. Although there was some press lately on the drop in popularity of the show, it’s more than likely due to the lengthy break the network made, which slowed down the momentum. It’s also pitted against “Dancing with the Stars” live show and “The Voice” when it comes to traditional network TV (and WWE Monday Night RAW on the USA Network), which are two of the most audience engaging (live voting) and social media (live tweeting) driven reality shows on television presently – a good part of the core audience for the show. When other networks are demanding the immediate attention of their audience, specifically in the promotion of their favorite contestants, it’s kind of hard to negotiate one show and the next. Also, there were some concerns in this seasons’ writing, whether the writers were just adding side stories as filler or were any of these points integral to the story arc of “team apocalypse”? Hopefully the stories were just filler, but we’ll find out hopefully before the end of season 2.

Most of season 2 is now available on Hulu. Check out the pilot of the show here for a quick introduction of what you’ll be getting yourselves into, and trust us, it’s a fun ride.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Monday nights on the FOX network. Check your local listings for times.

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