SmallBites: Queens International Night Market, Part Deux

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IMG_9354Several weeks ago I reported on the launching of the Queens International Night Market in Corona, Queens. In their initial launch, there were quite a few problems including large lines, electrical issues, port-o-potty availability, among others.

Since their soft launch on April 25th, they’ve run for four weeks, surviving rain and a pretty substantial Memorial Day Weekend crowd.  Many of their initial issues have since been resolved and this coming weekend will be the last before they resume in July.

Here are some of the vendors we have come to call our favorites in the last few weeks.

IMG_9367Mudbone’s Seafood Pot – If you love craw fish and Louisiana seasoned crabs, then Mudbone’s is ideal.  Currently they are only selling their wares at the night market.  The owners are using their grandmother’s classic recipes and their crabs generally sell out early in the evening.   For $5, they offer a good amount of craw fish and shrimp, making them perhaps is one of the better buys at the event.

IMG_9549Cake Box NYC (Tres Leches) – This past weekend was the first time we stopped by the Cake Box booth.  We were hoping for a traditional slice of their tres leches, but they were sold out.  We were able to snag a slice of their lemon coconut, and we have to say, we were very impressed.  So much so that we told the developer of the recipe that he did an outstanding job.  Cake Box offers two sizes: small ($4) and large ($7).  What you see there in the pic is a large.  Their flavors are: classic, peanut butter, lemon coconut, tiramisu, and chocolate espresso.  Despite most tres leches, this one is not overly sweet and their flavors are on point.  Traditionally a catering company, Cake Box NYC can be found at various street fairs during the Summer.

IMG_9362El Gauchito (Argentinian) – Offering Argentinian fare at the night market, El Gauchito is one of the few vendors that also own a brick and mortar location in the neighborhood.  Their booth also offers up cookies and tarts for those with a sweet tooth, but for you carnivorous, El Gauchito offers a very tasty steak, traditional sausage, and blood sausage sandwiches, in the Argentinian tradition, which is grilled on site.  They also own their own butcher shop, if you enjoy their wares.

IMG_9543Roosevelt Ave. Fare – One of the many Night Market Only food vendors, Roosevelt Ave. offers perhaps one of the best double fried Korean wings we’ve tasted, and that’s saying something.  Their spicy sauce isn’t one that will put you on your behind, but it does have enough kick to let you know it’s there and is very tasty.  A $5 order will keep you satisfied for a bit, but that’s because their wings aren’t tiny.  They’ve been there every weekend we’ve come by, so there’s a good chance you’ll see them on your next excursion to the market.

IMG_9547Bao Shoppe (Fresh Cut Fries) – Their brick and mortar location is as an Astoria sandwich shop, but at the night market they forego their traditional baos for decked out french fries.  A traditional order will set you back $5.  For their special variations, you’ll have to shell out $6 per order.  Since they are made to order, you will have to wait, but they’ll be piping hot when you get them.  If you want one of their adventurous servings, you can pick from the following:

  • Shoppe – Spicy mayo, daikon, barbecue sauce, cilantro, scallions
  • Baozilla – Nori, wasabi mayo, teriyaki sauce, scallions, cilantro, pickles
  • Garlic – Garlic, Parmesan cheese, parsley

If you do order the baozilla, ask them to be light on the teriyaki.

Some other notable mentions would be the German Bratwurst stall, Garlic clams stall, PBP Cafe (Tony Luke’s style Italian roast pork sandwich), and The Bay (crab cake – overly priced, but still tasty).

So there are our five picks.  Check them out and all the other vendors this Saturday (May 30th) starting from 6PM until midnight.  After this weekend, the night market will be on break until July and will be coming back on Saturday, July 4th to the parking lot of the New York Hall of Science (111 st. stop on the 7 train).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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