So You Want to Cosplay?

As I pack my bags and prepare for NY Comic Con, I am reminded of the small bit of cosplaying I plan on doing at the con.  I’m reminded by some of my friends who actually do this a lot more often than just Halloween, a few things you should be prepared for, and since Halloween is right around the corner, this is an opportunity for many newbies to expose their geeky side.  Here are some tips to enjoy your cosplaying experience.


  1. Find a character and a costume that you like.

    Nothing’s worse than dressing up as a character you don’t like or have no idea about.  Generally you’ll see a lot of Deadpools or Doctor Whos walking about.  Sometimes it’s because of convenience, but for others it’s about enjoying the experience.


  2. Avoid dressing too sexy or relieving clothing, unless character necessary.

    In recent years there has been a movement to stop people from molesting cosplayers.  The program is called “Cosplay does not equal Consent“.  The reason being is that some folks don’t realize that the cosplayer is not an actor.  They are a fan who chooses to dress up as their preferred character.  With that being said, some folks have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves and female cosplayers, particularly, have been unnecessarily groped.  If you do want to take a photo with a cosplayer, please ask for permission.  Just be warned.


  3. Avoid high heels, costumes that don’t breath, or costumes that will be too tight.

    The convention floor is not forgiving and even though you may be used to wearing high heels on the regular, trust me when I say this, it will become painful after a while.  Give yourself a break and just wear comfortable shoes, otherwise you’ll be feeling it.  Also, the convention floor will be packed with folks.  Avoid costumes that do not breath and costumes that are too tight, otherwise you will collapse from the heat.


  4. Make sure you have pockets.

    Most super hero/villain costumes don’t leave much to the imagination.  Try to find ways to build in pockets or a bag to keep water, your wallet, keys, or some other important items.


  5. If your costumer is going to hinder your vision, or is going to be really large, get yourself a handler.

    Handlers are people who help direct the cosplayers in full costume, to ensure they avoid bumping into folks, hurting themselves or others, and makes sure the cosplayers has what they need. If your costume requires a full face mask, it’s a good idea for you to have a handler.


  6. Have fun.

    In recent years cosplayers have created alternate universe versions of their favorite characters, gender bending versions, mash-ups, and more.  Have fun with it: make it your own, be creative, but more importantly, have fun and stay safe.


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