Star Wars: Unclothed

12342355_10153721581104463_5072241839132696441_nWe are at the threshold of the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” release, and everyone is getting on the band wagon!

Several weeks ago we reported on the Bloomingdale’s Star Wars window displays, and if you followed our Instagram, you saw some of the items at the #Force4Fashion event.  Discovery Times Square has also joined the fray, offering up their own fashion based event, a costume exhibition called “The Power of Costume”.  A few days ago, About Men Radio member T-Bone (Tom Delgrosso) joined me in checking out the exhibition.

12373154_10153721580959463_6003123901881313963_nThis exhibition was brought together in partnership with The Smithsonian, Lucas Museum of Interactive Art, Lucas Film Ltd., and Discovery Communications.  It’s currently running right now and doesn’t have a set end date yet.

In this interactive walk through, you get to check out the original outfits from all the films, thus far, and some of the background history of the design.  It’s a pretty lengthy exhibit with some of the more iconic outfits in their own display.

12345680_10153721581954463_6372436673163762933_nWe’ve included a video from the exhibition to give you a quick overview on what it’s about.

In one of the exhibits, where you get to see the full sized Bobba Fett and Jango Fett costumes, you’re informed that Bobba was actually the original design for Vader and in another part of the exhibit, you are illuminated to the fact that Queen Amidala’s elaborate costumes were inspired by Mongolian royalty.

12373372_10153721581979463_8061389643128184692_nAs for the interactive portion, there’s part of the exhibit where kids can press buttons to activate light sabers, or make a digital storm trooper dance.  There’s not much in the way of interactive elements, however, for the adult Star Wars fan, the trivia alone will be more than enough to satisfy.

Currently tickets for this event run $27.50 for an adult, $24 for seniors, and $20 for kids.  You can purchase them on the Discovery Times Square website or on site.  They’re open Sunday-Tuesday from 10AM – 7PM, Wednesday & Thursdays from 10AM – 8PM, and on Friday and Saturdays from 10AM – 9PM.  Final entry is at 45 minutes before closing.

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