‘Star Wars’, Don’t Break My Heart Again

I absolutely refused to get excited about it.

Investing myself emotionally only to be brutally disappointed, just as I was in 1999, was not happening this time around. No way, no how! They had a second chance in 2002 and they blew it. Badly. By 2005 it was a loveless relationship that I was seeing through to an ugly, rancorous, and seemingly permanent dissolution.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2014, and my overriding concern was now that I’d finally accepted the end of my romance with George Lucas’s 6-part Star Wars space opera, would the first teaser trailer for the J.J. Abrams directed sequel re-ignite the flames of my ardor?

It was with great relief that despite eye-popping visuals and a fascinating new lightsaber design, I remained unmoved by the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer.

The embers remained cool and I was able to enjoy that uniquely American tradition of eating huge quantities of food on the last Thursday in November while dredging up and rehashing old family disputes.

Now don’t misunderstand, I will watch Episode VII when it arrives in theaters December of this year but the hope was that I could remain dispassionate about it. I’d treat it as if it were a conversation with my ex-wife; awkwardly intimate because of the shared history but with a very necessary emotional detachment.

When the news broke back in 2012 that Disney planned on producing a new trilogy of sequels even my young ones were intrigued.

My daughter had shown only a passing interest in Star Wars, having been born after her dad divorced himself from his old love, but her younger brother was developing a growing fascination with Darth Vader. According to his 4-year old crew, Darth Vader is way cooler than Luke Skywalker and could kick Darth Maul’s butt in a lightsaber duel.

Maul v. Vader

Darth v. Darth

It was decreed that the original trilogy would be screened for them first followed by the prequels. I’m happy to report that they absolutely LOVED them.

Their unbridled enthusiasm for the films had an unintended and surprising effect. My long suppressed feelings for the films started seeping back into my consciousness.

Truth be told, their reaction hit me right in the feels.

As the Blu-Ray of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace whirred in the player ready to flood my living room with midichlorians I steeled myself for the horrific experience I remember it being the one and only time seeing it. It wasn’t as horrible as I’d remembered it.

Maybe I’d been too harsh. I know Jar Jar Binks is a truly hateful character, the story was convoluted and the acting worse than in the original trilogy (which is saying plenty) but is that enough to keep me away from something I’d loved since I was a kid?

Before me and the mini-kaisers could get attacked by clones, J.J. Abrams shared the second teaser trailer from SW:TFA online.

That, as they say, changed everything.

I actually welled up in tears at the end of this clip.

This is exactly what all us long-suffering fans wanted! You can keep your Trade Federations and scheming galactic senators, show us what happened to our favorite mercenary pilot, young Jedi and his sister, the Princess.

I’ve fallen in love with the Star Wars universe again and I get to share it with my little padawans. We’re reunited…and it feels so good.

P.S. Both Boom Boom and the Princess thought Jar Jar was the worst part of Episode I. They wanted more lightsaber duels.

I have officially NAILED this whole daddy thing.

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