The Flash: What If Nora Allen Survived?

Please note, this post will contain SPOILERS for the first season of CW’s The Flash, and for Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.  If you choose to check them both out before reading this post, you can do so via Amazon Video.


As season 2 of The Flash starts this week, the question on everyone’s lips is “What’s with the portal and where/when does it lead”? We know that Barry, even with the option of saving his mother, doesn’t go forward with it, and with the sacrifice of Eddie Thawne, Eobard Thawne’s hi jinks get rebooted and the current timeline gets sucked away into a giant worm hole above Central City at the end of season 1.

But what if Barry had saved his mother? Would the time stream have changed significantly?

Recently I reviewed the DC comic Flashpoint, which was a story line based off of Barry Allen’s Flash disappearing into a wormhole, sending him into an alternate reality. DC Comics also released an animated movie, based on the comic in 2013 (available now on Amazon). For a more cohesive story arc, the writers focused mainly on the circumstances of the world at large, if Nora Allen had lived.  In this alternate universe, the Amazonians and Atlanteans are at war because Diana killed Arthur’s wife after she discovered Arthur and Diana together and tried to kill Diana in a jealous rage (this is what happens when you cheat on your spouse).  A good portion of the world is in the middle of the conflict and are incapable of defending themselves from the onslaught.

Also in this universe, Barry Allen never became the Flash,  Hal Jordan never became the Green Lantern, Batman isn’t Bruce Wayne, but Thomas Wayne, and those who were once considered bad in the regular world are teaming up with the good guys, and Superman, after being made into a test tube subject by the government (from the moment he entered Earth), is completely ignorant and anorexic.  Thawn, who seems to be the one responsible for this deranged mess, blames Barry for this disutopian world, claiming this was the price for Nora Allen’s survival.  Wonder Woman and Aquaman battling to the death, needlessly killing every man, woman, and child in their path, the death of young Bruce Wayne, and the annihilation of most of the Western European continent was the compounded price tag.

With this story line , it’s kind of understandable why the show runners decided to make sure that Nora Allen died, otherwise they’d have to delve into this alternate t5ime line, and let me tell you, watching Wonder Woman kill young Billy Batson is not a way to win fans.

If you’re interested in seeing Nora Allen’s DC Universe, check out The Flashpoint Paradox, available on Amazon Video (for rent and purchase) and YouTube video (for rent).  You can also check out the series of comics, available on Kindle.

And season two of The Flash premieres during New York Comic Con Super Week, Tuesday, October 6th at 8PM ET/7PM CT.

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