Our 2015 Halloween Edition: Lucky 13

silent_hill_3_mall_entrance_r2In this week’s episode of The Mass Invasion Podcast, Janifer and Pedro talk real life scary stories from their personal vaults.

Janifer talks about her personal experience walking through the real Central Square Mall from Silent Hill 3, and getting lost in a dark, abandoned hospital alone while on the set of show Nurse Jackie.

Pedro’s recalls his real life experience with a Santeria ritual reminiscent of the ritual in the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie, and story of the little girl’s voice that wanted him to keep her secret.

All this, and more creepy (and hilarious) real life tales, on this week’s episode of The Mass Invasion Halloween 2015 Lucky #13 podcast spectacular!

PS – Midnight on Halloween will be when we close our #NYCC2015TMI contest!  To enter, CLICK HERE for details!

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