To Serve Pokemon – It’s a Cookbook

A few days ago, my TMI compatriot, Pedro and I recorded our first podcast revolving around pokemon.  Part of the conversation involved pokemon cannon and then the question came up: What do you eat in the pokemon world?

In the anime and in the Nintendo games, pokemon generally ate berries and food mixtures that would either give them powers and enhanced abilities.  In later editions, they even went so far as pastries and juices.

But that’s not the question.

What do the humans in the pokemon world eat?


Somewhere in the annals of my mind, I faintly remember a chicken katsu (fried chicken cutlet) being served by Brock, and if you think about it, if in their world, all animals are pokemon, what was really in that chicken katsu?


Was it a fillet of torchic?  Or was it from a combuskin or a blaziken?  Because it’s a fire type, was it spicy?  Would it have been good sauteed with marsala wine, served over a bed of fresh arugula?


How about some good old jambalaya, made with fresh corphish with some feraligatr sausage?


Would peking duck be made with crispy farfetch’d skin?  It already has the scallion spear.


How about a turducken?  Would that be a torchick, wrapped in a psyduck, wrapped in a fearow filled with tepig sausage stuffing?  Or is that spoink sausage stuffing instead?


How would a magikarp chowder come out with some tepig bacon bits on top?


Would qwilfish sushi be as deadly as fugu sushi?


And how appealing does southern fried whiskash po boy sound?  Or would you rather have it with southern fried cloysters?


…and how would something from Epic Meal Time be translated to the pokemon world?

How indeed!

Think about that the next time you watch them eat.

amournom(Those are mareep meatballs they’re eating.)



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