Unboxing: September 2015

As I continue my research into these blind boxes, I will continue to share my findings.  In this case, it’s the September 2015 boxes.  Since it’s close to the end of the month, I decided to share what I’ve received so far.  Included in this post are offerings from Arcade Block (Nerd Block), Wizarding World Comic Con Box, and Loot Crate.

I don’t know if it was I or Nerd Block that screwed up, but I received 2 Arcade Blocks this month.  There were some cool items, including stuff from Mortal Kombat, Fallout, and Scott Pilgrim.  (Still stings that I didn’t get a Sub-Zero and a Scorpion.)

Although not as epic as August’s box, Wizard World Comic Con box had some sweet additions this month, including a plush Pacman, a Harley Quinn Funko Pop figure, a scribblenaut figurine that doesn’t seem to fit into it’s base, and a few more items, including a sweet Wonder Woman print.

Loot Crate’s theme this month was Summon, and outside of a cool pikachu knit cap, golden homer buddha, and a few other items, but the box was so tiny!

Adding one last box, since I finished editing this late, this Nerd Block was titled 80’s mix tape, and it had some of my favorite items. Promo items from the ghostbusters films.

Hope these appease your curiosity and may encourage you to purchase boxes for yourselves. Let us know if you have any questions, or check out our vids for previous boxes, for more examples.

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