Unboxing Subscription Boxes: The Bounty

Earlier in July, I wrote about curated subscription boxes and some of those that are currently available out there (for the geek lover in mind).

Since then I’ve subscribed to a few and have produced several unboxing videos to show some of the items that I’ve gotten.  The video above is a playlist of the ones I’ve received thus far.

In my experience they’ve been hit or miss.  You either get really lucky and get something you want, or… fail sauce.

Take a look at some of the videos to get an idea on what kind of subscription box suits you best.  In the collection I focus on Loot Crate, Nerd Block (and their arcade block), and the ComicCon Box by Wizard World.  Each have their own flavor and offerings.

I also touch upon one offs, like Woot, which did a one-off curated box.

Take your pick on what suits you best, and enjoy!

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