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The Mass Invasion is the brainchild of Janifer I “Epic Win” Cheng and Pedro Rafael “El Kaiser” Rosado and is a partnership between Queens Kings Hatmen and HeadStepper Media.

The Mass Invasion podcast officially launched in late June 2015 and videocast is projected to launch in 2016.  Both ventures are part of the HeadStepper Media family.

Janifer Once Upon a TimeThe best way to describe Janifer is as a diamond: multifaceted.

She’s part award winning rock star, part professional poker dealer (occasionally for WPT), part blogger, and business owner (Queens Kings Hatmen), all while working for a major cable network, very much like Bruce Wayne and Batman, but presently building her empire.

Janifer has worked for two of the three major record labels in the country, became the New York State Women’s Karaoke Champion for the Karaoke World Championships in 2011 (was a televised contestant on ABC’s “Karaoke Battle USA”), worked as a background actress in film and television (can be seen on HBO’s “Flight of the Conchords” as Georgina, in season 1), was one of the first Dance Dance Revolution judges in the NE coast, and was a former Magic: The Gathering sanctioned tournament judge (among other games).

Janifer dons the name “Epic Win” at this stage of her life as a testament to her belief that “If you want to live an extraordinary life, you need to don an extraordinary name”, touting it’s biblical validity.

social media links – Twitter @Janifer & @JaniferOmniInc, Facebook @Janifer.Music, InstaGram @Janifer, Personal site: Janifer.org
(image photoshopped of Janifer as Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White) from ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”)

pedro 13 Like many of his favorite popular culture heroes, Pedro Rafael Rosado has a dual identity.

By day he whiles away the hours as an editor at a huge news media organization but by night he dons the cape of a snarky web-radio personality, El Kaiser.

In a previous life he was a music producer and recording engineer and spent a few lost years working for a Fortune 500 tech company.

El Kaiser currently hosts three other radio series for his production company, HeadStepper Media, and is the proud father of a precocious daughter and a rambunctious little boy.

social media links – Twitter @Prrosado, Facebook @RosadoNYT, InstaGram @Prrosado, Personal site: MyNameIsNotPablo.com


(Image photoshopped of Pedro as Peter Capaldi (The 12th Doctor) from BBC’s “Doctor Who”)

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