William Shatner, I Grieve With Thee

They buried Leonard Nimoy and instead of remembering the man’s body of work or his many acts of kindness, some fans and media outlets are hurling invective at his Star Trek co-star for not attending the Boston-born actor, director, photographer, and poet’s funeral.

The 83 year-old William Shatner chose not to take an exhausting, last-minute cross-country flight for an appearance at what amounts to a glorified photo-op but instead honored a previous commitment to a Red Cross charity event in Florida.

An admirable act if you ask me.

I didn’t know Mr. Nimoy personally but knowing of his many charitable endeavors and reputation for decency, I suspect he would applaud Mr. Shatner’s dedication to the charity and to the many fans who would have been profoundly disappointed by a cancellation from the original Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

But what about the many fans disappointed by his no-show at Leonard Nimoy’s memorial service?

Really? William Shatner was expected to move heaven and earth to fulfill some Trekkers ideal send-off for the beloved Mr. Spock? Ridiculous.

The plain and unvarnished truth is that no one except William Shatner needs to worry about why he was unable to attend. He doesn’t owe us an explanation and we as fans (I count myself in that group) need to respect his right to memorialize Mr. Nimoy any damn way he sees fit.

The backlash against Mr. Shatner is ludicrous and maybe more than a little spurious and I found his Twitter memorial surprisingly moving.

William Shatner was looking to celebrate the life of his friend and what better way to do that than on the grand  Twitter stage. We were all able to grieve with him and that afforded me a personal sense of closure.

Spock is dead. Long live Spock.

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